Each of us go through times of anxiety, sadness, grief and loss, stress, and life transitions. Going through these concerns by yourself or with certain others seems almost impossible, and a sense of being overwhelmed and feeling alone increases. During these times, meeting with a therapist individually, as a couple, or family can help. Counseling provides a space to discuss the concerns pressing on life. Counseling can give insights and new perspectives into concerns, as well as build abilities and skills to improve ways to manage and cope.

These concerns can be traumatizing and impact life in small and/or big ways. The latest research and understanding of healing from trauma points to somatic processing with the body expressing its experience of trauma. The stressors will continue to present itself through body experiences until the trauma is addressed.

Therapists at Life Essential Psychology have training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and AIR Network to help process the trauma. Many times, once the body’s message is heard, understood, and processed, the trauma is resolved.

Providers: Thao-Ha Phan, Kurt Sayers, Kimberley Wobschall

Payment options: Out of pocket (HSA, Cash, Check, Credit Card); Some of our providers accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fairview Credentialing, Medical Assistance